Ordering Tie Dye

Welcome to the ordering page.  There are a couple of ways to order. 
Phone in the order to 415 892-5718 or email the order to info@tiedyejon.com. 

There are a couple of important points you will need to know when placing your order.  Also, please pay attention to the Artists Notes at the bottom of each of the garment pages as this may help you decide on size, shrinkage, and or washing instructions.

1) Choose your Garment.  ____________
There is a code that precedes the name of the garment.  You can use either or both.

2) Choose a Size.  ____________
Not every garment has a series of sizes.  In fact a couple of items are a onesize fits most.  When choosing a size please refer to the Artists Notes.  Most garments do run smaller after the tie dye process but will not shrink anymore.  The size you choose is the size on the label.  For example, if the Artists Notes suggest it runs a half to a full size small, then choose an XL if you normally wear a Large. 

3) Choose a Colorway.  ____________
The Colorway page is a current template of the color schemes used at the present time.  It is a sequence of a letter followed by a number.  For example, B02 is used.  It may be difficult to truly see all the colors from the pixels on your computer but there really are no 2 color swatches the same.
Now that a Garment, Size, and Colorway has been selected, you are ready to now phone in or email the order.  Let’s talk about Shipping.

4) Shipping & Handling.
All garments are shipped via USPS Priority mail.  This provides us with a tracking number.  If the garment is shipped among one of the Pacific Coast States and Nevada then the current fee is $6.00.  All other states the fee is $7.50.  If more than one garment is shipped, an additional $2.00 per garment is added.

5) Totaling Cost.
You are almost there.  All that’s left is totaling the cost of the garment, the taxes applied, and the shipping costs.  Please choose the pricing associated with the size selected of the garment or garments.  If you are shipping to a California address you will need to add the current 9% sales tax to the total of garments ordered.  Then add the shipping cost.  That’s your grand total.

6) Final Points.
• Payment can be made with a credit card or a personal check.  For a credit card please phone in that number for both of our protection to 415 892-5718. 
• For a check mail to: A High Standard of Dyeing, PO Box 42, Novato, CA, 94948-0042.  All checks are to be received before package is shipped. 
Please respond in the email or phone order how you will be paying.  Also, keep in mind that all Garments, Taxes, and •Shipping costs can rise throughout the year and beyond without being updated on the website.  A High Standard of Dyeing will keep you informed when placing your order.  And finally, in order to make this whole thing work, A High •Standard of Dyeing will implement a No Return, No Exchange, No Refund, No Excuse policy.  Please remember this is a one of a kind art form.  Thank you for understanding.

Note - The Garment page is undergoing a renovation this spring of 2015. Please email or call if you have any questions. Thanks

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